Self-Reliance Support for People with Disabilities

Fordays helps people with disabilities in Japan and abroad to live more independent lives.

In recent years, we have expanded the scope of our CSR activities to include providing support to people with disabilities. We are currently involved in a number of projects aimed at helping people with disabilities, both here in Japan and overseas to achieve greater independence.
These projects are in line with Fordays' "Investment in the Future" approach.
Rather than merely making monetary donations, believe it is important to try to provide long-term solutions to the underlying social issues.

Saiwaikai Social Welfare Foundation: Tachyon Production Centers

Saiwaikai employs people with disabilities at its Tachyon Production Centers to assemble pre-trainer kits for Fordays.

Eden Social Welfare Foundation

Fordays uses artworks created by two highly talented Taiwanese artists with disabilities on the cover of "Message", a monthly Fordays publication.

Collaboration with Café Sweet Hot

Sweet Hot Café provides employment opportunities to people with disabilities, thereby helping them to gain greater independence.

Fordays outsources the manufacture of a line of chocolates to Café Sweet Hot. This helps to ensure a steady stream of work and stable income for Café Sweet Hot employees.
The chocolates they make are sold at Pourjour - our company's chocolate shop/café - and also at Fordays events.

Funding for Aizu Misato Horse and Horticultural Therapy Center

The mission of this facility is to utilize horse therapy and horticultural therapy to assist with the physical and mental rehabilitation of people with disabilities, the elderly, and others who have suffered some form of mental trauma.

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