Support for Traditional Japanese Performing Arts

We sponsor various events that promote the continued prosperity of traditional Japanese performing arts.

To support Japanese culture, Fordays has been making contributions in terms of preservation of cultural properties, and has been giving its special sponsorship to the Sankei Shimbun's cultural project "World Heritage Project" in order to promote the "joy of getting together" and the value of "passing on from generation to generation."
"The project to revive and preserve Sake distilleries" gives support to Sake distilleries in need of support despite their having high Sake making skills and high-quality techniques.

Daigo Special Performance - songs and dances - Banquet of Daigo 2014

Special kabuki performance at Daigo-ji in Kyoto

Koto no Kaze: Kamakura Kenchoji Special Performance 2013

Koto no Kaze: Special performance at Kencho-ji in Kamakura

Itsukushima Classic Theater 2012

Special "Miyajima Kyogen" and "Miyajima Gagaku" performances at Itsukushima Shrine in Hiroshima

Project to Revive Sake Distilleries

To preserve Japan's exquisite sake culture, Fordays gives support to Sake distilleries.

Japan has Sake, liquor that enhances the senses of changing seasons.
Sake is produced from precious ingredients of rice, water and rice malt, produced in such a way that links the drink closely with the natural environment and culinary delights unique to the localities of its production. In this sense, Sake is an essence of Japanese culinary culture.
Sake is increasingly well recognized abroad in recent years, which makes Sake a representative of Japanese culture to be proud of for the world.
Unfortunately, however, its popularity in the country is dwindling, with the consumption level halved from its most popular times, and sale distilleries are fast disappearing.
We are beginning to take action to protect this valuable tradition by doing what we can.

Musashino Shuzo (Niigata prefecture)

To preserve Japan's exquisite sake culture, Fordays gives support to Sake distilleries.

Musashino Shuzo produces sake in Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture.
Their well-known label "Ski Masamune" epitomizes that the locality was the place where skiing was first introduced in Japan.
They launched a new label Frozen Masamune in April 2014. This is a high-quality pure rice-based Sake,
and put on a trial sales in Singapore.

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