Body Run Bar New Guard

Body Run Bar New Guard

Body Run Bar New Guard Body Run Bar New Guard

A diet support supplement that focuses on optimizing gut flora function. Contains bifidus B-3, smart lactic acid bacteria, probiotic narine, catechin, and multigrain koji. Packaged in acid-resistant vegetable capsules to ensure the bacteria arrive in the gut in a viable state.

Product category Processed food containing bifidobacteria (Hard capsule-type)
Net quantity 20.4 g (340 mg x 60 capsules)
Ingredients Starch, lactic acid bacteria, lyophilized bifidobacteria, grain koji powder, hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, tricalcium phosphate, calcium stearate, tea extract, Caramel I.
Nutrition information
per 2 tablets (0.68 g)

Energy: 2.7 kcal,  Protein: 0.05 g,  Fat: 0.02 g,  Carbohydrate: 0.57 g,  Salt equivalent: 0.004 g

Bifidus B-3: 50 mg, Smart lactic acid bacteria: 20 mg, Probiotic narine: 150 mg

Directions for use

  1. Take two tablets per day with cold or warm water. Swallow whole; do not chew.