Nepal Synapse Self-Reliance Association

To enhance our reputation as a company and to leave lasting value in society, the Nepal Synapse Self-Reliance Support Association (NPO) was established in November 2008. As an alternative for providing financial aid as volunteers, we have engaged in stimulating a "circular economy" in which villagers can earn income and form a sustainable community. We have also constructed a five-year self-reliance support plan for Nepalese mothers to earn income for their children. This project is scheduled for reestablishment in the future as the "Nepal Fordays Self-Reliance Support Association" (NGO). This project is expected to be run exclusively by the local residents. Fordays will continue to supervise and enable this independent business operation.

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    Nepal shares a border with China in the north and India in the south. Its unique culture and magnificent scenery attracts many travelers.

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    Beautiful view from the Sarangkot Fordays Restaurant. The perfect location for watching the sunrise, this restaurant is a popular tourist spot.

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    Hand-crafted goods can be purchased at a shop on the 1st floor of the Fordays Restaurant. Local mothers make these products themselves and keep a percentage of the profits.

Self-Reliance Association in Nepal

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