13th Symposium (February 20, 2021 Live Stream)

13th Health-Related Academic Symposium

The 13th Health-Related Academic Symposium (hosts: Sankei Shimbun, sponsors: Fordays) was held online for the first time on February 20, 2022 (Saturday). This symposium dealt with countermeasure to prevent the coronavirus.

Focusing on the subject of immunity and the potential of nucleic acids, four guest speakers were invited to give lectures on this subject: Professor Yoshihito Niki of Showa University School of Medicine, Professor Akane Tanaka of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Professor Yukio Kato of Kanazawa University and Dr. Koji Usumi of Life Science Institute. Following each lecture, the speakers took the time to answer a few questions from the live viewers. This symposium was a valuable lesson to learn the importance of immunity and the potential of nucleic acids, helping the listeners examine what they can do now to protect their own society and physical wellbeing in the future.

  • Yoshihito Niki
  • Akane Tanaka
  • Yukio Kato
  • Dr. Koji Usumi
  • Venue-scenery
  • Venue-scenery
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Title 13th Health-Related Academic Symposium: Maintaining Physical Health with Immunity and the Potentials of Nucleic Acid
Hosts Sankei Shimbun Co., Ltd.
Partners KYG Association (NPO)
Special Sponsorship Fordays Co., Ltd.
Sponsors Life Science Institute
Date Friday, February 11, 2022 Start: 1:30PM Close: 3:35PM
Lecture: Drawing Focus to "Immunity" Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic & Exploring its Relationship with Nucleic Acid
Professor Yoshihito Niki
Showa University
Lecture: Strengthening both Our Innate and Adaptive Immunity
Professor Akane Tanaka
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Lecture: Nucleic Acid Enhancing Brain Function and Immunity
Professor Yukio Kato
Kanazawa University
Lecture: The Focus of Antioxidant Activity in Nucleic Acid
Dr. Koji Usumi
Life Science Institute