Food & Health Enlightenment

Thinking of better dietary habits and raising awareness in the field of health.

As a company that supports a bright future for the people's wellbeing through the development and provision of health supplements, Fordays conducts activities in the field of health to raise awareness in "Health Made by You". In 2017, Fordays developed the program, "Shoku no Kenkyukai" (Food Studies Program), for the purpose of thinking of better dietary habits and to emphasize the importance of food at an intellectual level.

Health-Related Academic Symposiums

Since 2009, we have been sponsored Health-Related Academic Symposiums hosted by the Sankei Shimbun. As part of our role and as a leader in the health care industry, we have collaborated with the academic institutions and media organizations to provide relevant health-related information to the general public.

"Shoku no Kenkyukai" (Food Studies Program)

In November 2017, "Shoku no Kenkyukai" (Food Studies Program) was established for the purpose of expanding and enlightening responsible adults on shokuiku (food education) as part of fulfilling our responsibility for the future by incorporating our corporate philosophy of "a life of good health, peace of mind and enrichment" through our distribution of health supplements.