Patented in Japan, China and South Korea

Fordays' Nucleic acid drinks are patented for their unique manufacturing method in Japan (Patent No.3899436)
followed by similar patents registered in China and South Korea.

Patent No. 3899436 (p3899436)

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Name of the invention Health drink with water-soluble nucleoprotein (process patent)
Issue date March 28, 2007
Registration date January 12, 2007 f1
a23l 2/52 (2006.01) a23l 2/00 f
a23l 2/38 (2006.01) a23l 2/38 d
a23l 2/38 z
Application No. Special application2002-135576(p2002-135576)
Application date May 10, 2002(2002.5.10)
Publication No. special publication2003-325149(p2003-325146a)
Publication date November 18, 2003(2003.11.18)
Date of application for examination April 6, 2005(2005.4.6)
Patent owner 502168161
Fordays Co., Ltd.
1-13-21, Nihombashikayabacho, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo
Patent owner 596037264
2-6-6, Nihonbashihoridomecho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Agent 100068618
Tuneo Hanabusa, lawyer
Agent 10009319
Toshio Nakamura, chartered patent agent
Agent 100104145
Yoshio Miyazaki, chartered patent agent
Agent 100104385
Tsutomu Kato, chartered patent agent
Patent No. zl200480000957.0

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Patent date March 28, 2007(2007.3.28)
Publication date January 12, 2007(2007.1.12)
Patent notice No. cn100477930c
Publication No. cn1893841a
Publication date January 10, 2007
a23l 2/00 a23l 1/302
a23l 1/304 a23l 1/304
a23l 1/305 a23l 1/305
a23l 2/52 a23l 2/52
a23l 2/00
a23l 1/304
a23l 1/305
a23l 2/52
Application No. 200480000957.0
Application date October 13, 2006
Applicant name fordays co ltd [jp]
Inventor name osamu unno [jp]
Patent No. kr20060123670 (a)

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Gazette published date 2006-12-04
a23l2/38; a23l2/38
Application No. KR20057005564 20050330
Applicant name fordays kabushiki kaisha [jp]; l s corp [jp]
Inventor name osamu unno [jp]