Corporate History

1997 April Fordays Co., Ltd. Founded
1999 December Natural DN Collagen (500ml) launched
2000 October Headquarters relocated
2001 March Natural DN Collagen quantity increase (720ml)
October Natural RNA launched
2002 October Fukuoka Salon opened
November Tokyo Salon grand opening
2003 January Mesima Phagos launched
March Natural DN Collagen upgraded (2.5 times more nucleic acid and zinc added)
Aichi Salon opened
October Hiroshima Salon opened
2004 February Osaka Salon opened
June Hokkaido Salon opened
2005 December Natural DN Collagen upgraded (lower calories)
2006 January Miyagi Salon opened
June Mousa Series launched
September Immuno Vital launched
2007 January Synapse Café Kagoshima opened
Natural DN Collagen patent obtained (Patent No. 3899436; process patent)
November Synapse Café Fukushima opened
2008 January Natural DN Collagen upgraded (water-soluble RNA added)
July Commenced the Nepal Self-Reliance Support Project
September Established a Fordays-endowed course at Showa University
October Commenced joint research with the University of Tokyo
November Nepal Synapse Self-Reliance Support Association established (NPO)
Kagoshima Call Center service begins
2009 April Mousa EO Series launched
October Natural RNA upgraded (Natural RNA EX)
December Fordays Quality Control Center opened
2010 August Mousa LU Serum launched
2011 June Fordays Fuwari launched
October Asahikawa Station opened
Miyagi Salon relocated and renewed
December Natural DN Collagen upgraded (with new water-soluble RNA added)
2012 July Online shopping website "Keep shop online shop" launched
October pourjours (chocolate shop & café) opens in Omotesando, Tokyo
November Mousa LU Serum upgraded (Mousa LU Serum vi)
December Commenced joint research with UC Davis
2013 January ADVANCE1 launched
March Oita Station opened
Invested in an American pharmaceutical manufacturer
"Emmaus Life Sciences, Inc."
October Fordays Body Run Bar launched
Sponsored the SAGA Heavy Ion Medical Accelerator project
Calm Breathing Project established (NPO)
November Amino Acty BCAA & Glutamine launched
December Fordays Studio opened
Gluco Charge EX launched
2014 January Invested in Smabe Japan, a startup company in Ishinomaki City,
that manufactures and sells microalgae
Tepap launched
April Mousa EO Series upgraded (Mousa EO W)
October Tepap Stockings launched
December Natural DN Collagen upgraded
2015 March Fordays Self-Reliance Support Association established
April Mousa LU Serum upgraded (Mousa LU serum ev)
June Commenced research funding at the University of Tokyo
(Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Science)
October Mousa Astaoil launched
November pourjours (chocolate shop & café) relocates to Nihonbashi, Tokyo
2016 January Amino Force launched
April I Refré Clear ("Food with Function Claims") launched
Natural RNA upgraded (Natural RNA Mother)
August Mousa EO Dayveil Moist BB launched
Mousa Stick Concealer launched
Mousa Pressed Powder-Swallow launched
October Aren launched
December Fordays Future Nutrition Research Fund with UC Davis
2017 January BCAA & Glutamine upgraded (Amino Acty EX BCAA & Glutamine)
April Mousa Essence Drink launched
October Mousa Induce Lotion launched
Mousa Moist Cushion Compact launched
November Fordays Ikumo EX launched
Fordays Food Studies Program established
Natural DN Collagen Gifu Manufacturing Plant opened
2018 April Aren SP launched
May PROTEIN Manpuku Shukan launched
Body Run Bar New Guard launched
June Natural DN Collagen upgraded
(Formulated with Premium Mix and Collagen Tripeptide)
July Good Night ("Food with Function Claims") launched
November Mousa EO Series upgraded (Mousa EO W II)
2019 February Mousa Essence Drink upgraded (Mousa Essence Drink SNOWy)
Aojiru & Fiber Mix launched
May Fordays Tokyo Headquarters relocated
June J Charge ("Food with Function Claims") launched
Prelude Series launched
September Jisedai Kakusan Labo FD opened
Mousa LU Serum upgraded (Mousa LU Serum my)
November Fordays Body Cream Moist launched
Amino Acty EX BCAA & Glutamine Plus launched
Red DHA launched
December Immuno Vital HI launched
2020 May Mousa Essence Stem launched
June "Fordays Next Generation Nucleic Acid Research Institute"
established with Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
September Kioku no Kiwami ("Food with Function Claims") launched
October Mousa Hand Care Stem launched
2021 February Natural DN Collagen upgraded (containing F-Core 2021)
May Body Run Bar Fat Fighter for Men launched
June Natural RNA upgraded
(Natural RNA Mother AD)
July New brand, "Favone" launched
2022 January Mousa EO Nail Care Oil launched
February Fordays Diet Coffee launched
March Mousa Swallow Oil in Essence Rose launched
Favone Light Cologne launched
July Mousa Essence Drink upgraded
(Mousa Essence Drink Stem Bright)