Sponsorship for Female Athletes

Juju Noda Sponsorship

Juju Noda

Fordays has commenced sponsorship for Juju Noda, an 18-year-old who aims to become the first Japanese female driver to race in Formula One.

Her father is former Formula One driver Hideki Noda.

  • 2023: First female champion in F3 standard racing
  • 2024: The first Japanese woman and youngest person ever to compete in the Japan Super Formula Championship, Japan's highest level of open-wheel racing.

Juju Noda Official Site:https://juju10.com/

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Supporting Japan Women's Wrestling Team

Japan Women's Wrestling Team

In June 2022, Fordays commenced an official sponsorship for the Japan Wrestling Association, a public interest incorporated foundation. Fordays supports the Japanese women's wrestling team to promote self-reliance for women.

October 2023 Special Sponsor: Fordays Cup 16th All Japan Women's Open Wrestling Championships 2023
August 2023 Sponsor: Boys' and Girls' Wrestling Block Tournament
October 2022 Special Sponsor: Fordays Cup 15th All Japan Women's Open Wrestling Championships 2022

Mie Violet Iris Official Sponsor

Mie Violet Iris

In 2018, Fordays commenced an official sponsorship for the women's handball team, Mie Violet Iris. Fordays will continue supporting Mie Violet Iris as proponents of good health.

Mie Violet Iris Homepage:http://www.mie-visc.jp/

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