Nepal Synapse Self-Reliance Association

To enhance our reputation as a company and to leave lasting value in society, the Nepal Synapse Self-Reliance Support Association (NPO) was established in November 2008. As an alternative for providing financial aid as volunteers, we have engaged in stimulating a "circular economy" in which villagers can earn income and form a sustainable community. We have also constructed a five-year self-reliance support plan for Nepalese mothers to earn income for their children. This project is scheduled for reestablishment in the future as the "Nepal Fordays Self-Reliance Support Association" (NGO). This project is expected to be run exclusively by the local residents. Fordays will continue to supervise and enable this independent business operation.


2008 President Wada visited Sarangkot village.
Shocked by the local situation, President Wada commenced the Nepal Support Project.
Nepal Synapse Self-Reliance Support Association (NPO) established.
2009 "Sarangkot/Fordays Work Training Center" inaugurated.
Literacy class commenced to start vocational training.
2010 Sewing class commenced for vocational training.
2011 Local NGO, Nepal/Fordays Self-Reliance Support Association established.
2012 "Sarangkot Fordays Restaurant" opened.
2013 NGO vocational training passed down to locals.
2014 Restaurant management passed down to locals.
2015 A 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal. Volunteer activity commenced in the aftermath.
A donation list with a total of 22,047,233 yen was handed to former Ambassador of Nepal and Japan relations, Madan Kumar Bhattarai at the Embassy of Nepal.
2016 The reconstruction of schools commenced in the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake.
2017 Sarangkot village's "Sarangkot Fordays Restaurant" reopened after renovation. The reconstruction of four schools completed.
Providing school lunches commenced.
2019 "Sarangkot Fordays Restaurant" reopened after installing accommodation facilities.
2020 A contract signing ceremony was held online between Kathmandu University and the Nepal Self-Reliance Association for the establishment of the Japanese Language Course at Kathmandu University.
2021 The "Fordays Japanese Language Course" commenced at Kathmandu University.
  • Nepal

    Nepal shares a border with China in the north and India in the south. Its unique culture and magnificent scenery attracts many travelers.

  • the Sarangkot Fordays Restaurant

    Beautiful view from the Sarangkot Fordays Restaurant. The perfect location for watching the sunrise, this restaurant is a popular tourist spot.

  • shop

    Hand-crafted goods can be purchased at a shop on the 1st floor of the Fordays Restaurant. Local mothers make these products themselves and keep a percentage of the profits.

  • Four schools were reconstructed in the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake. Approximately 2,000 students commute to learn.

  • The students of "Fordays Japanese Language Course" at Kathmandu University. These students have achieved excellent results in the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT).

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