Favone Series

Favone Series


Favone Gem Soap
A facial soap with a gem-like shine and transparency. The fine creamy lather removes dirt and other toxins from the skin with a clean finish without a touch of dampness. This soap leaves your skin with a smooth sensation after washing.

Product category Frame-kneaded facial soap
Net quantity Standard weight: 80 g
3 types Ruby, Amethyst, Aquamarine


Favone Makeup Lock Mist
After applying makeup, this mist-type setting spray & lotion will keep your makeup in place for prolonged wear. The fine mist softly coats the skin, fitting perfectly to the makeup, preventing the makeup from fading and smearing while maintaining a beautiful finished-look.

Product category Makeup setting spray and moisturizer
Net quantity 80 ml


Favone Light Cologne
A light cologne with a soft scent, designed and scented to be effortlessly worn for many occasions. The two types of scents have an elegant finish that leaves a brilliant impression for a simple fashion statement.

Product category Eau de toilette
Net quantity 15 ml
2 types Tokimeku Kaze, Sukitoru Kaze
Ingredients Alcohol, water, fragrance.