Fiber Mix Bio (Food with Functionality)

Fiber Mix Bio (Food with Functionality)

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Food with functionality (Reg. No. B293): This product contains resistant dextrin (dietary fiber). Studies have shown that resistant dextrin supports regular bowel function and helps you to maintain good digestive health.

Product category Processed food containing dietary fiber. (Powder-type) (Yoghurt flavor)
Net quantity 228 g (3.8 g x 60 stick sachets)
Ingredients Resistant dextrin, isomalto oligosaccharides, bacillus coagulans, bottle gourd extract/flavor, erythritol, silicon dioxide, citric acid, sweetener (stevia), chitosan (derived from crab shell).
Nutrition information per two sticks (7.6 g)

Energy: 9.8 kcal, Protein: 0 g, Fat: 0.02 g, Carbohydrate: 7.24 g (Sugars: 0.73 g, Dietary fiber: 6.51 g), Sodium equivalent: 0 g

Ingredients related to functionality: Resistant dextrin (dietary fiber): 5 g per 2 sticks

Directions for use

  • Take 1 or 2 sticks per day. Take each serve together with approximately 50 ml of hot or cold water. Can also be dissolved in hot or cold water prior to consuming.