Mousa Premium Series

Mousa Premium Series

Mousa LU Serum my

Mousa LU Serum my
Mousa LU Serum my combines the features of a lotion, beauty serum, moisturizing emulsion, and moisturizing cream into one amazing, multi-purpose product.
Mousa LU Serum my, contains four nucleic acid-derived ingredients*1, ReGENESEA*2, and artemia extract, ingredients that enhance its anti-aging*3 properties. This product moisturizes your skin, enhances its firmness and elasticity, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles caused by lack of hydration (verified through clinical testing). It not only boosts moisture levels, it also improves moisture retention, thereby ensuring your skin stays hydrated for longer.

Product category Beauty serum
Net quantity 50 g
Mousa Induce Lotion

Mousa Essence Stem
The Mousa Essence Stem focuses on the power of the skin's metabolism which deteriorates as you age. This aging care product will help your skin to be more beautiful and elegant. The stem cell conditioned media works from the stratum corneum which will eventually enhance your skin's firmness, elasticity, and moisture.

Product category Beautey essence
Net quantity 5ml×4pieces
Mousa Induce Lotion

Mousa Induce Lotion
This miraculous lotion contains ingredients that help you to achieve skin that is thoroughly hydrated and wonderfully soft and supple. When applied to your face after washing, the beautifying ingredients in Mousa Induce Lotion penetrate deeply into the skin*4 in an instant.
Perfectly prepares your skin to optimize the effectiveness of beautifying ingredients applied in the following steps of your beauty routine.

Product category Prepping Lotion
Net quantity 100ml
Mousa LU Sheet Mask Superieur

Mousa LU Sheet Mask Superieur
A beauty mask that thoroughly moisturizes your skin, while at the same time enhancing firmness, elasticity. This specially designed mask is dual-layered around the eye area to provide extra care where it is needed most.

Product category Sheet-type beauty mask
Net quantity 5 sheets (1 sheet contains approx. 25 ml of beauty serum)

Mousa Moisture Powder Foundation
Mousa Moisture Powder Foundation blends seamlessly with your skin, enabling you to achieve a flawless finish. Containing moisturizing ingredients, it goes on smoothly and evenly and leaves you with supple, beautiful-looking skin.
Thoroughly covers pores, wrinkles, blemishes and discoloration, and gives your skin a natural glow. Also, with its SPF24/PA++ rating, Mousa Moisture Powder Foundation provides your skin with protection from the sun's harmful rays.
Mousa Moisture Powder Foundation is available in two tones: "Natural", for those with a normal or darker complexion, and "Light" for those with a lighter complexion.
Comes in a gorgeous compact case accented in purple and gold.

Product category Foundation
Net quantity With case, sponge: 11 g Refill (incl. sponge): 11 g
Mousa Moist Cushion Compact (refill)

Mousa Moist Cushion Compact (refill)
This cushion compact-type liquid foundation gives you a flawless and radiant complexion, while at the same time enhancing moisture and clarity to really compliment out your skin's natural beauty.
Naturally cover spots, dullness, redness and other unevenness and leaves you with a clear and glowing complexion. The moisturizing ingredients in this product improve skin hydration and firmness.
With a SPF 28 / PA +++ rating, this foundation also provide good protection from harmful UV rays. Comes in two colors, "Natural", recommended for those with a normal complexion and "Light", recommended for those with a lighter complexion.

Product category Foundation
Net quantity 11 g
Mousa Moist Cushion Compact Case

Mousa Moist Cushion Compact Case
A compact case for Mousa Moist Cushion Compact liquid foundation product.
Liquid foundation and application puffs sold separately.

Product category Compact case
Net quantity 1 case
Mousa Pressed Powder Swallow

Mousa Pressed Powder Swallow
This pressed powder gives your skin a radiant glow and clarity, helping you to achieve the lustrous, beautiful skin you desire. Keeps your makeup lookin g smooth and sensational all day long. Comes in a gorgeous gold and purple compact case.

Product category Face powder
Net quantity With case, puff: 12 g Refill (incl. puff): 12 g
Mousa Stick Concealer

Mousa Stick Concealer
A stick-type foundation that completely covers fine lines, sun spots, and redness.
Mousa Stick Concealer goes on smoothly and looks sensational all day long.

Product category Stick-type foundation
Net quantity One stick
Mousa Super Long Mascara

Mousa Super Long Mascara
Enhance the length and volume of your eyelashes with each stroke.
Mousa Super Long Mascara gets right to the root of each and every lash, adding a real three-dimensionality to help you achieve luxuriously long and beautiful lashes.

Product category Mascara
Net quantity One product with applicator
  • *1 Hydrolyzed milt extract, hydrolyzed sodium DNA, hydrolyzed RNA, sodium DNA. Moisturizes the skin (or hair) and enhance skin's firmness and elasticity.
  • *2 Saccharina longicruris extract.
  • *3 To delay or lessen the effects of aging, especially on the skin.
  • *4 Stratum corneum.
  • *5 PEG 7 gylceryl cocoate.
  • *6 Biosaccharide gum-1
  • *7 Exfoliating refers to the physical washing away of impurities (dirt, dead skin cells, etc.) from the skin.
  • *8 Moisturizing ingredient.
  • *9 Sodium hydrogen carbonate
  • *10 Papain, bromelain.
  • *11 Titanium dioxide alumina, stearic acid
  • *12 Sodium methyl cocoyl taurate, TEA-cocoyl glutamate, TEA-lauroyl/myristoyl aspartate
  • *13 Ceramide 1, ceramide 2, ceramide 3, ceramide 5, and ceramide 6 Ⅱ. Moisturizing ingredients.
  • *14 Rosa canina fruit oil (moistur izing ingredient).
  • *15 Algae extract. Moisturizing ingredient.
  • *16 Polyepsilon-Lysine. Moisturizing ingredient.
  • *17 Hydrolyzed milt extract, sodium DNA Humectants.
  • *18 Phytic acid, malic acid, sodium polyphosphate.
  • *19 Refreshing agent.