Body Run Bar Metablock

Body Run Bar Metablock

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A weight-loss supplement that focuses on the three-stage saccharide digestion process.
In addition to DC-15 bacillus extract, other key ingredients include eucalyptus leaf extract, mulberry leaf extract, ascophyllum nodosum (rockweed) extract, and grape seed extract. Also contains Indian long pepper extract, as well as bacilius coagulans that reach the digestive system in a living state.
Body Run Bar Metablock supports dieting, helping you to look and feel leaner.

Product category Processed food containing DC-15 bacillus extract. (Tablet-type)
Net quantity 57.2 g (318 mg x 180 tablets)
Ingredients DC-15 bacillus extract, maltitol, Indian long pepper extract, bacillus coagulans, eucalyptus leaf extract (powder), mulberry leaf extract (powder), ascophyllum nodosum (rockweed) extract, grape seed extract powder, cellulose, sodium bicarbonate, yeast cell wall, sucrose fatty acid esters, calcium carboxymethylcellulose, tricalcium phosphate, nicotinamide, glycerol, vitamin B6, vitamin B2, vitamin B1, carnauba wax.
Nutritional information
per 3 tablets (0.95 g)

Energy: 3.44 kcal,  Protein: 0.05 g,  Fat: 0.03 g,  Carbohydrate: 0.74 g,  Salt equivalent: 0.065 g

DC-15 bacillus extract: 200 mg,  Indian long pepper extract: 150 mg,  Eucalyptus leaf extract: 12 mg,
Bacillus coagulans: 100 million

Directions for use

  1. Take 3 tablets before each meal (three times per day) with hot or cold water. Swallow tablets whole.