Aojiru & Fiber Mix Fresh

Aojiru & Fiber Mix Fresh

Aojiru & Fiber Mix Aojiru & Fiber Mix Fresh

This product has been upgraded using freshly-squeezed young barley leaf extract, partly used to create a fresh taste to further enhance its drinkability. Furthermore, spirulina has been newly added to the mix, including an increase to all the ingredients contained in fermented plant extract.
A delicious powdered-type aojiru drink containing various nutrients that are beneficial for your health in one stick. Containing four types of green vegetables (young barely grass, matcha, mulberry leaf, and cabbage) with spirulina, fermented plant extract powder, lactic acid bacteria, dietary fiber, and oligosaccharides.
While easily supplementing your vegetable intake, this product supports your overall digestive system which will keep you feeling refreshed every day.

Product category Processed food containing green barley (powder-type)
Net quantity 90 g (3 g x 30 stick sachets)
Ingredients Resistant dextrin (dietary fiber) (sourced in USA), young barley grass extract powder (dextrin, young barley grass powder), fermented plant extract powder (dextrin, fermented wildgrass extract (contains apple)), matcha (green tea), mulberry leaf powder, isomalto oligosaccharides, bacillus coagulans (containing milk), cabbage powder, spirulina powder/tricalcium phosphate.
Nutrition Facts
per stick (3 g)

Energy: 8.1 kcal, Protein: 0.28 g, Fat: 0.06 g , Carbohydrates 2.34 g (Sugar: 0.86 g, Dietary fiber: 1.48 g) Salt equivalent: 0.007 g, Oligosaccarides: 100 mg, Lactic acid bacteria: 200 million.

Directions for use

  1. Take one sachet per day. Mix into approximately 100 ml of water. Drink promptly once the powder is dissolved.

    *Mix with preferred food/beverage by all means.
    Since this product is a powder-type supplement, we recommend mixing with liquids than taking as is.